Welcome to Maj Gen Franklin A. Nichols Flight # 24!

The 24th Flight petitioned for a Charter Jan 2, 1969 at Holloman AFB, NM. The petition was granted, and the 24th Roadrunner Flight was born. Charter members included Capt’s John D. Ryan, Jr., and Michael E. Ryan, who became USAF Chief of Staff. The brothers were sons of Gen. John D. Ryan, Sr., also a former USAF Chief of Staff. Charter members included four Founding Members of the Order of Daedalians including Donald R. Thompson, father of current member, Rod Thompson. Due to numerous TDY’s of the 49th TFW, the 24th Roadrunner Flight moved to Biggs AFB, El Paso,TX in 1972. The Flight’s guiding light for more than three decades, WW II Pacific Fighter Air Ace, Maj. Gen. Franklin A. Nichols died in Sept 2002. Early 2003, the name of the 24th was changed to the Maj. Gen. Franklin A. Nichols Flight. In 2003, Gen. Nick was inducted into the El Paso Aviation Hall of Fame.